The highest quality ~ The original design = Balken

Forged manufacturing method with 8000-ton in world highest peak press

The highest quality x The original design = Balkën

RIM+DISK achieves both quality of the height degree named FULL FORGED with 8,000t in world highest peak press in the answer.
Matchless only Disk that shoots conspicuous figure of not being possible to finish installing on past design category.
In addition, it thoroughly stuck to the detail until arriving on the hall side and outer of Disk.
Additionally, a marvelous shadow for the depth of the drop of the center part to exceed is projected, and an original outlook on the world of coexistence of the lithe and strength is made an embodiment.
22-inch's expression of rim of design in complexity by diamond cutting by shining rainbow color, and buff anodized aluminum processing of 20 inches.
A sense of existence of apart from others to which other follows are not permitted by industry's first, finish and Balkën-Blushed is shown off about Disk side.
About the size, we go ahead and temporize to the selling line size by 20 inches and 22 inches only and the satisfaction of a high-end user who installs this one goods is filled.